Allegheny Cleanways

It’s not for everyone.

Allegheny CleanWays has been instrumental in engaging and partnering with community groups to remove dumps and debris from vacant lots, greenways, streets and riverbanks. But they were seeking to rebrand, as people often believed that they were a city organization tasked with cleanup.


Allegheny CleanWays  government-style logo and voice made the organization feel like a stuffy County entity that didn’t have any fun. More importantly, it made volunteers and donors assume that they didn’t need any support.


We repositioned Allegheny CleanWays for the future, setting them up as ‘CleanUp Artists’ that transform littered areas into blank canvases ready for revitalization.


“Oyster helped us better showcase the work we are doing and stand out from the crowd.”

– Myrna Newman, Executive Director


Struggling to drag a waterlogged couch out of the Ohio River?

Taking care of an illegal dumpsite in someone else’s neighborhood?

Or taking out the tires and trash that no one else will?

Yeah, it’s not for everyone.

What is for everyone are the results of what we do – educating so that we have a cleaner community in the future and actually removing trash from neighborhoods throughout Allegheny County – is for everyone.

Some artists look at a blank canvas and think about what could be.

We look at a messy dump site and think the same thing.

We return it to as close to a blank slate as possible, so that great things can happen.