Pittsburgh Pickle Company


Pittsburgh Pickle was started by three brothers out to create the perfect pickle. To this day, they pack each jar by hand to ensure a higher level of quality and to honor Pittsburgh’s hardworking steeltown heritage.


One of the brand’s biggest goals was to be served at THE Pittsburgh restaurant — Primanti Brothers.

The nationally recognized Picklesburgh event was the perfect place to get the word out. 


We created a social teaser campaign leading up to Picklesburgh, the world’s largest pickle festival (yes, Pittsburgh is weird. And yes, Pittsburgh is awesome). 

In a few short hours we held blind taste tests, pitting Pittsburgh Pickle’s product against the commodity brands used by Primanti’s. 

The crowd’s overwhelming endorsement of the Pittsburgh Pickle cukes was shown with 1,300+ public signatures on a love letter to Primanti’s.


Thousands of signatures on a love letter to Primanti’s. 

Thousands of new tasters who tried Pittsburgh Pickle for the first time.

Oh, and Primanti’s is in discussions with the brand to feature their cukes. 

In a short time with a tight budget, we got them the recognition and meeting that they were looking for.