Reach A State of InfoSec Zen

True peace of mind comes from information  secured by a real business partner with personalized consulting and solutions.

This allows your business to thrive.

With Seiso, you’ll find confidence in secure business.


Ever struggle with the constant fear of having your or your company’s data compromised? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an organization that reduced some of those “freak out moments?”

There is. And it’s called Seiso. But no one knew that before last year.


For Seiso, a Pittsburgh start-up that needed to highlight its unique impact on business and IT leaders, we went beyond branding.

We got these information security professionals comfortable talking about what they do and why they do it. An established digital presence with social media and email campaigns, a white paper written by the founders, greater participation in industry events and speaking engagements… you name it.


Now, Pittsburgh knows Seiso. We successfully positioned the brand as the less stressful, more personalized approach to information security. And now? 

Seiso – pronounced “/SĒ SŌ/” is a Japanese term originating from the 5S methodology that enforces clean workspaces, safety, structure, and the ability to easily spot when something is out of place.

But the influence from Japanese culture goes even further back. Centuries, in fact.

Seiso’s approach can be seen in the way of the Samurai. The Samurai are often thought of as the world’s oldest, most dynamic warriors.

But they were so much more. Artists, poets, guides, counselors, philosophers, protectors – and only when all those tactics failed – warriors.

Seiso takes the same approach to business. We take on every role to prevent conflict or issue. We use each and every one of our skills to build and protect our clients’ businesses.

This tried and tested approach to business is more relevant than ever as we help you navigate the ever-changing world of information security systems by changing the way you envision and approach your business processes.

And we communicate easy-to-understand solutions that help you rest easy knowing we are on watch with a centuries – tested approach to tomorrow’s challenges.