Sustainability Initiative

Koppers is a leading provider of wood- and carbon-based technologies, products, chemicals and services that strengthen our global infrastructure.


People. Planet. Performance. These aren’t just another slew of corporate principles. They are the core values of Koppers new Sustainability Plan, and they needed to be introduced to Koppers employees in an easily-digestible and highly-memorable format.


What did we do? An explainer video with stereotypical buzzwords and “commitments? Nah. Instead, we took this project to another level — literally.

We created a vintage video game. 

Our character, the Koppers K, is the protagonist. He strategically hops, skips and jumps to level-up his Sustainability “game,” while unveiling the key components of Koppers Sustainability Plan with a distinct look, feel and aesthetic for each value.


Talk about leveling up… The video aired at an all-employee meeting where Koppers team members from around the globe watched the Koppers K come to life — making way for the launch of an entire Sustainability brand.