Friends of the Riverfront

Connect to something greater.

Since 1991, Friends of the Riverfront has worked to protect and restore the riverfront in the Pittsburgh region through trail development and stewardship after decades of legacy pollution. 


Friends of the Riverfront was facing a bigger challenge than just a dated logo and the need for fresh marketing materials.

The organization was leading a revitalization of the region’s riverfront trails, but was struggling with how to communicate about their work and mission.


Our Deep Dive Session with staff, board and key stakeholders revealed that the organization was much more than just advocates.

They were working to connect people to the environment, healthier lifestyles, their communities and economic development.


“The message ‘Connect to Something Greater’ is vital to everything we do as an organization. It helps communicate and direct our mission to protect and develop our trail system.”

– Kelsey Ripper, Executive Director

Our trails are more than just the 25 miles of path that run alongside the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. 

They’re a connection from home to workplace. They bring you closer to nature. And maybe yourself. They connect communities and all of us to a better place. And a better quality of life. They bring us to a common ground. 

But they need someone to protect them. To beautify them. To help them grow to their full potential. That’s why we’re here. To be their advocate. Their protector. Their activist. Their friend. 

That might mean bringing together businesses and governmental leaders. Communicating about a downed tree or washed out pathway. Or simply rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. 

Why do we do it all? Simple. To connect. And because every time someone hits our trails, they get the opportunity to connect to something greater.