VITAL is a company within Highmark that helps new innovations achieve widespread health plan purchase, hopefully saving them from the potential decades long wait between FDA approval and healthcare plan purchase. 


The big problem? How do you explain that mission – as big and as far reaching as it is – in human terms that innovators, the media and even the general public can understand?


That’s where we came in. We started with interview sessions, meeting everyone from the VITAL team to doctors that had worked with them and healthcare innovators that they’d helped. Then, we created brand platforms and talking points for both innovators and the media. 

We launched a fully integrated campaign with multiple print, trade show, digital and PR elements to bring even more doctors and innovators on board. 


A campaign touting the disruptive possibility of the VITAL process.

The portfolio folder was created to help the sales team talk through the difference in their process while being able to customize the solutions that are most relevant to their audience with slip sheets in the back.