Koppers CEO Communications


Internal Communications

Koppers is a leading provider of wood- and carbon-based technologies, products, chemicals, and services that strengthen our global infrastructure.


Koppers CEO Leroy Ball needed to communicate with his global employee base during the COVID-19 pandemic. Full stop.


Leroy’s blue collar workers were not married to their laptop or email. So, we had to get beyond traditional internal communications. 

We implemented a video-first executive communications plan that allowed Leroy to engage directly with his entire workforce, and keep them informed, on social media. 

Leroy’s company-wide messages were released bi-weekly and geotargeted to reach employees at specific plant locations — a Facebook ad strategy that ensured his message reached frontline employees. 


What started as COVID-19 updates, strategically evolved into what is now an ongoing, monthly series called “The 412” — four things to know, one thing to think about and two things to look forward to. (Can you tell they’re based in Pittsburgh?).

Over the course of two years, we successfully published hundreds of videos from CEO Leroy Ball, recorded from his very own phone and #selfiestick to reach thousands of employees.

Leroy’s videos have even featured spin-off interviews with employees, outtakes, a selfie spoof (or two), and ongoing internal communication initiatives that highlight why Koppers is a great place to work.


Pittsburgh Robotics Network

Pittsburgh Robotics Network

Public Relations

The Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) represents the companies and leaders who make up the Pittsburgh robotics ecosystem, which is anchored by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and driven by 100+ robotics organizations, including the worldwide leaders in autonomous vehicle development.


City of Bridges, City of Champions, City of “Eds and Meds” and… the Robotics Capital of the World???

PRN needed to show the world that Pittsburgh should be known for robotics and artificial intelligence.


A “meeting of the minds” an event with major industry players and organizational members to launch PRN as an integral part of the tech industry, and to announce its 2021-30 strategic vision for the future. All we had to do? Tell their story and get people to listen. (Simple! Just nuts and bolts, right?!)

To top it off, we strategically chose to host the event at Over Eden’s Rooftop Lounge at the TRYP Pittsburgh hotel for a view of Lawrenceville’s Robotics Row.


Even in the midst of the pandemic, the event had 100+ attendees. We secured media placements with top local (even made a few front pages! Woo!) and key trade outlets:

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • NextPittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh Business Times
  • Patch
  • Robotics World
  • Robotics 24/7
  • Smart Industry
  • @SmartIndustyUS